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    Our bath Salts

    Our bath salts, a blend of salt and our essential oils, help you relax and enjoy a soothing bath. Used in aromatherapy and therapy, their scent is 100% natural and will leave a delicate and sensual scent. Rich in trace elements, they help relax the muscles. Our bath salts add both colour and fragrance to your bath.


    • Relaxes, soothes and repairs the skin
    • Perfumes your bath with the petals and rosebuds from Damascus


    • Revitalises the body and your mind
    • Adds a wonderful scent to your bath

    Orange blossom

    • Naturally helps with skin problems
    • Leaves a scent of the Orient


    • Decongests and soothes
    • Helps with blood circulation


    • Tones and relieves fatigue
    • Refreshes and stimulates the skin


    • Acts as a muscle relaxant
    • Perfumes the water with blue lavender