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    Our Hydrolats

    All our hydrolats are distilled from 100% organic products.
    In addition, all our plants are freshly distilled. This allows to find in the hydrolat, the water of the plant and therefore ensuring the properties of the plant and allowing the long natural preservation of the extract. Our hydrolats are packaged in PET bottles, guaranteed without phthalates or bisphenols. They are also recyclable, shock-resistant and UV resistant

    Orange Blossom

    • Floral fragrance
    • Tones, refreshes and revitalises the skin (especially for dry skin)


    • Helps fight skin imperfections
    • Regulates perspiration
    • Embellishes hair


    • Revitalises
    • Relieves and purifies the epidermis
    • Soothes delicate skin and sensitive teeth


    • Purifying and regulating
    • Helps against hair loss and dandruff


    • Heals skin with imperfections and prone to acne
    • Stimulates the immune system in winter
    • Fights infections and fatigue


    • Refreshing and soothing Used for delicate skin (dry or uncomfortable)
    • Soothing


    • Tones and refreshes the skin
    • Tightens the pores and revives dull complexion
    • Relieves irritation and burns


    • Scented, soothing
    • Regenerates damaged skin
    • Anti-wrinkle
    • Widely used in cosmetics